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I created this resource page for all of your business and career needs. As I learn of new tools, I’ll continue to add to it. I recommend bookmarking this page for future reference. Enjoy!  Chris


99designs_logo_large99Designs.comIf you’re looking for a good graphic design for your business and website logo, I’d highly recommend In this website you will find a community of talented and ingenious designers ready to compete to deliver you nothing but creative graphic works.  Click this link and easily launch a very cost-effective design contest and have dozens of designers from all over the world compete with their peers to committedly give you nothing but excellent graphic design.


When it comes to Web Design and Creation the tools you’ll use will play an important part in the results you're going to get. We should not forget about the fundamentals but sometimes finding resources that’s recommended based on user experience will help you get those creative juices flowing. Please check out the list I created that I highly recommend when designing and creating your business website.

justhost : I am using hosting service for most of my websites. One of the features I like about them is the very user-friendly and intuitive 1-click automatic WordPress installation. They have excellent US-based 24/7 customer support service. Their pricing plan which includes a free domain and superior web speed is affordable and worth every amount you’ll spend. I know that finding a reliable hosting service is really not an easy task-but you can never go wrong with hosting service. Click here to get your own Justhost web hosting plan.


optimizepress 2.0 highly recommend OptimizePress 2.0.This is quality software allowing you to do the most incredible things in your marketing career. This WordPress theme and plugin allows you to design and create great looking lead capture pages (squeeze pages), sales pages -for your products- membership sites and even blogs. Obviously, this is the theme that I’m using on my site. There’s limitless template to choose from and the support is great. Click here to get OptimizePress 2.0 and start creating web pages that will truly convert. This is the world’s number one domain registrar. My domains are registered with Most business owners or website owners choose this site because their service is fast, easy and affordable. is definitely a “go to place” when you’re looking for great domain names, and they offer website hosting as well. Click here and let help you build your business site.


In this section I will provide a good list of options for Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing tools. These tools will help you help attract new subscribers and grow your list of leads. You must know by now that when running a business, it is important to share your content either via newsletter or Social Media. And below are the tools to make “sharing” fast and efficient.

aweber_logo This is a good tool that will help you build your list to which you can market your product or services. You won’t be disappointed with this email marketing platform because of its reliability to deliver email to most common email clients like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. It’s very simple to use and the support is superior. Click here and start building your list with

hootsuite_logo One of the effective ways to market your product and services is through Social Media. But sometimes you just wouldn’t have the time to login to each Social Media accounts - that’s why you need a comprehensive and easy-to-use Social Media management tool like Hootsuite. It is designed to collate all of your social media account streams into one handy dashboard. You can write, send, schedule and track posts from its simple interface across multiple networks and multiple accounts. Click here and try Hootsuite for free.


I can’t emphasize enough how important for a business person to have a virtual worker who can help him grow his business. These virtual workers can be a Web Designer, Webmaster, Bookkeeper, Project Manager or a General Virtual Assistant. If you need a resource on where to find them, below are the lists for you. : is a large site where you can meet freelancers to outsource any virtual work you need for your business. Buyers can post a job for free and freelancers have a chance to take their bids on the project. You can pay the virtual worker from Odesk per hour or via “Fixed Price” agreement. Also as a buyer you’ll have a chance to see the reviews and ratings for a freelancer from the business people who hired him/her before. Click here and start creating a free account on

Ffreelancer-logo : Since 2004 this site has been the online marketplace for freelancers looking for work, and for outsourcers and crowdsourcers looking to have work completed. focuses on a wide variety of fields, including web and software development, design, writing, marketing, data entry, and according to the company, “anything else you could think of, all for the fraction of the cost.” As an employer, you can sign up for free and begin to post a project. Click here and create an account now on : is an online staffing platform based in California USA. have the most favorable and straightforward pricing structure. They offer support via phone, email, and live chat. Their dispute resolution is straightforward and easy. When paying by the project with, funds are held until you release them. Click here if you want to create an account on : This is an online marketplace full of virtual workers who offers their tasks and services at five dollars per completed work. They refer to services offered as “gigs”. Fiverr sellers offer a myriad of Gigs® or services, ranging from web design, logo creation and market research, to custom greetings, video animation and personalized gifts. Not only you can buy “gigs” but you can also sell your own “gig” for just five dollars. Click here, sign up and let Fiverr alleviates the stresses you can usually experience with starting a business or growing your business.


Making payments and receiving money are the most common transaction when running an e-business.  I strong encourage you to create an account with only the secure and trusted global online payment system online. Below are my recommendations. : Is the most popular online payment service owned by eBay.  They offer a secure, convenient and easy to use global payment service. Creating an account on is a must if you’re running an e-business. With PayPal, you can send and receive payments through the internet hassle-free. Both of you and the person you're transacting with will receive an email with every payment/receiving money processing. The registration process is quick and easy. Click here to create a free account on and start your payment transaction across the globe!


An affiliate program is a great way to make money online. If you own a website and you know ways to market products and services, Affiliate Marketing is just what you need to earn commission from around the web. Below are the lists of the Affiliate Networks you can register for free and start making some bucks. : is owned by “ClickBank Killer” Mike Filsaime -  one of the most popular Internet marketing experts in the world. Three reasons why you’ll love First, you won’t get disappointed with the amount of products them have to offer, from how-to eBooks, software and web templates. Next, PayPal account is all you need to get paid. Last but not the least, earning commission is guaranteed with because of the better affiliate tools they provide the advertisers. What are you waiting for? Click here now and sign up on : if you want to earn commission by selling digital information products,  for all sorts of niches, in all sorts of price ranges is the best Affiliate Network for you. They offer a wide range of commissions -starting from 10% to 70% and above. As of January 2013 their affiliate marketers have earned a net amount of 2.3 Billion Dollars! With this impressive information you may want to go ahead and register as an affiliate right now, so that you can start earning money as soon as possible. Click here and get started. by Conversant: is an online advertising and internet marketing company that specializes in affiliate, media and tracking services. It is formerly (and popularly) known as Commission Junction. is a very reputable company that links affiliates with many advertisers. Yes, you need to apply to each advertiser, but some auto-accept affiliates. Their system is easy to use and they have many advertisers with great offers. Plus they always pay commission on time! Click here and register for free at and start earning $$$. began as a bookstore in 1994 but is now considered as “Everything Store”.  If you are planning to buy or sell something online is truly a name you can trust. If you’re a business person and you want to sell your products online but don’t know where to start you can do it with Amazon.  They also have an affiliate program that’s free to join and you can earn money simply by sending them referrals. And if you only want to buy a product for personal use-whatever it is- Amazon has it. Click here and start the limitless possibilities with


ebay A great place to sell and a great place to buy- anything that you can think of- online. Since eBay's founding in 1995 it has become the world's largest place to buy and sell. According to eBay's mission statement, "eBay's mission is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything." They also have a Partner Program where you can earn a lot of money just by driving high quality to eBay or one of their partners. Click here and register for free on now.


Words aren't enough to keep clients and audience engaged these days. You want to post content that is worth sharing, liking, and retweeting. Expose your brand by creating awesome videos and presentations with the help of these free or inexpensive tools. : When running an online business creating high quality videos to advertise your products and services is a must. You’ll need a simple yet powerful tool like Camtasia by TechSmith to record, create or import professional quality videos. I highly recommend CamtasiaStudio by TechSmith because it’s very easy to use. Their support is great and an awesome step by step tutorials are provided for free! It's available for Mac and Windows users. Click here and get a free trial from


Boost your coaching business’ creativity by obtaining quality products or service assistants only from these trusted Company. An entrepreneur needs clear and accurate records to help manage the challenges when starting up a business. But most of the time, a simple act of keeping records often gets put on as the last priority-which shouldn’t be… Good thing there’s an affordable to way to help you file the paperwork you need to start your business without the inconvenience and high fees. Click here to get a personalized, online legal solution for your business.

performbetter :  For the product resources I need to help make my clients become fit, stronger or more explosive I count on If you’re looking for a complete online catalog for functional training, sports and rehabilitation products is truly recommended especially for training centers because they provide "one-stop shop" for all your training facility needs. Click here and get access to’s premiere athletic product. Tracie Hittman Fountain is a passionate nutritional consultant with a plan for eating that boosts your energy and heals your body. Whether you want to lose weight, have better health, or address thyroid, adrenal issues, her eating plan will help.  She has spent the last 10 years helping people eat good food, build healthier bodies and lead better lives. Her program will benefit anyone with a desire to live more healthfully and purposefully. Click here and let Tracie help you to live a healthy, balanced life.


Below are the lists of books I personally recommend. These books have helped me a lot in building my business online. Whether you’re building a startup business, or you’re searching for an inspiration to boost your present career-these books are the ones you’ve been looking for. : Live an uninterrupted and productive life while listening to your favorite audiobooks. This is a whole new way to enjoy books. Especially if you are always multi-tasking, audiobooks are useful and very effective. You can still consume information even when doing house chores or commuting. Audiobooks are also very convenient. You can have them on your phone, iPod, and computer and in the car. This makes the content accessible and you can easily continue where you left off from last time. Please click here and get your free audiobook now .

Virtual-FreedomVirtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business by Chris Ducker is the step-by-step guide every entrepreneur needs to build his or her business with the asset of working with virtual employees. Focusing on business growth, Ducker explains every detail you need to grasp, from figuring out which jobs you should outsource to finding, hiring, training, motivating, and managing virtual assistants. Click here to get the book and know the how and why to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Chris C. Ducker has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world implement successful virtual staffing strategies into their businesses, releasing them from the shackles of the over-worked, over-stressed lifestyle that most business owners endure on a daily basis. His approach to leveraging time, as well as maximizing business systems and processes – all with a focus on running businesses from a distance – has earned him the title of the “Virtual CEO.” Click here to check out my full review of Virtual Freedom

4-Hour Workweek4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss is the blueprint whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, or just living more and working less. This engaging book makes you ask the most important question that you will ever face: What exactly is it that you want out of work and life, and why? Click here to get the book and start to live your dreams now.

Timothy Ferriss is a serial entrepreneur, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and angel investor/advisor (Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Uber, and 20+ more).  Best known for his rapid-learning techniques, Tim's books -- The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef -- have been published in 30+ languages. The 4-Hour Workweek has spent seven years on The New York Times bestseller list.

$100 Startup by Chris GuillebeauThe $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. This is a book that will show you how to lead of life of adventure, meaning and purpose – and earn a good living. It also demonstrates that you do not need to go into debt to start a profitable and meaningful business. This book is an ultimate guide on how to build your micro-business from scratch. Click here to get the best book about entrepreneurship.

Chris Guillebeau is the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup and other books. Still in his early thirties, Chris is on the verge of completing a tour of every country on earth – he’s already visited more than 175 nations – and yet he’s never held a “real job” or earned a regular paycheck.  Rather, he has a special genius for turning ideas into income, and he uses what he earns both to support his life of adventure and to give back.

Email Persuasion by Ian BrodieEmail Persuasion: The Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting More Clients and Winning More Sales with Email Marketing. In this book, marketing expert Ian Brodie reveals the techniques that are working right now to allow professionals and small businesses to connect with potential clients, build trust-based relationships and generate more sales through email. Click here and get the blueprint for building an engaged subscriber base, building credibility and trust through your emails and converting your subscribers into paying clients.

Ian Brodie works with consultants, coaches and other professionals to help them attract and win more clients. He teaches them how to market effectively, how to become seen as leaders in their field, and how to nurture relationships and win business through email marketing.

80-20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More. In this book Perry shows how to laser focus the 80/20 Principle in outsourcing, hiring, publicity, controversy, market research, lead generation, and web traffic; online, offline and social media. He’ll also show you how to glean huge insights from tiny clues, not only in your own business but from competitors. Click here and get access to 80/20 Principle that will change your life.

Perry Marshall is the world's #1 expert on sales growth through 80/20 leverage. Entrepreneur Magazine says, "Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world's most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in AdWords stupidity tax."His Chicago Company consults both online and brick-and-mortar companies on generating sales leads, web traffic, and maximizing advertising results.

Entre-Leadership by Dave RamseyEntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches. This book provides the practical, step-by-step guidance to grow your business where you want it to go. Dave opens up his championship playbook for business to show you how to: Inspire your team to take ownership and love what they do, unify your team and get rid of all gossip, handle money to set your business up for success, reach every goal you set and so much more. Click here to get the book and be the leader that attracts the right people.

Dave Ramsey is the author of the New York Times bestselling books Financial Peace and The Total Money Makeover. His radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, is heard on more than 450 radio stations throughout the U.S. and transmits Ramsey's inimitable financial advice to more than 4 million listeners each week. Dave also hosts his TV show, The Dave Ramsey show primetime on the Fox Business Network.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.