The 30 Day Schedule Reboot Online Course

So stoked to announce the launch of my new online course that I created with amazing clients, Andrew and Gracie Foxwell!

It’s called the “30 Day Schedule Reboot: Take Back Control Of Your Week”

Why did I co-create this course?

Over the last few years, I heard the following phrases over and over again…

‣”if I only had more hours in the day…”

‣“my client texts me like 20 times a day, I can’t get anything done”

‣”I just had 9 straight hours of calls (with one bathroom break)” 

‣ “not another pointless meeting”

‣ “might as well delete these 2,001 unread emails, I’m not going to get to them anytime soon”

It just breaks my heart every time I hear these, so I had to take action. And I wanted to offer something that everyone could afford, whether you’re approaching 200K/mo in revenue or just starting off.

In this course, Andrew, Gracie and I will help you design your ideal schedule, reduce your commitments and distractions, and maximize your productivity (and much more). 

It’s great for digital marketers, agency employees, freelancers, and business owners looking to hit the reset button on their schedule!

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Reminder: the course has a 100% satisfaction promise. If you don’t find value in this course, we’ll refund your money.