Looking to grow your digital agency (without hustling nights and weekends)?


The Agency Growth Assessment


Perfect for Digital Marketing Agencies who...

  • Feel like they’ve been stuck around the same monthly revenue for a while and can’t seem to break through.
  • Are struggling to consistently bring in new leads and clients.
  • Are ready to learn how to grow their agency by working smarter, not harder!

The Agency Growth Assessment Unfolded

Here is what to expect during your free 60 min Agency Growth Assessment

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    You'll select an open time slot in Chris' calendar, enter your contact info, and fill out some key info so Chris can prepare for your assessment.

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    Chris will call you during your scheduled Agency Growth Assessment.


NOTE: Assessment spots are extremely limited! Because Chris spends most of his week working with his existing agency clients, he can only take on 1 Agency Growth Assessment per week. 

What People Are Saying

Matt Gattozzi | Goodo Studios (Seattle, WA)

Adam Buchanan | Consultant (Salt Lake City, UT)

Carrie & Tim Highman | DreamLens Media (Madison, WI)

Eagan Heath | Caravan Digital (Madison, WI)

Andrew & Gracie Foxwell, Facebook Ad Experts Foxwell Digital

"Working one-on-one with Chris has undoubtedly changed our business, and our lives, for the better. As a husband and wife duo who co-founded a fast-growing digital consulting business six years ago and continues to work side by side everyday, we were finding ourselves buried in unanswered client emails, seemingly endless to-do lists, and disparate sets of business and life goals. We were overwhelmed, frustrated, and feeling like our own business wasn't in our control. In just a couple of months of coaching, Chris has already helped us come back to center. We excitedly look forward to our weekly sessions and we know that we're growing as both business owners and as people through our ongoing work with Chris." Andrew and Gracie Foxwell, Foxwell Digital, Madison, Wisconsin 

Meet Chris Rudolph

Hey, nice to meet you! My name is Chris Rudolph. I'm a husband, father of three, and business coach for digital agencies.

For over a decade, I've been help digital agencies accelerate growth and eliminate hustle.

I'm also a national speaker and have presented for AgoraPulse, Foxwell Founders, Sendible, Social Media Strategies Summit, RepStack, and Cloud Campaign.

And I'm on a mission to see digital agency owners achieve the freedom they dreamed of when they first started their agency...so that together, we can build thriving businesses and world-changing families!

After starting and selling off two businesses, there is one lesson I have learned along the way; it's too challenging to do it alone. I believe that if you want to be successful and finish well, you need a coach, just like any serious athlete.

Featured On

“I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for clarity and direction to hire Chris. He has a natural ability to pull out the desires of your heart and help you get it on paper, so you can create an action plan to bring those desires to reality. Also, the goal setting exercises that Chris taught me helped me overcome several hurdles that could have taken me years to accomplish on my own. Working with Chris has been a phenomenal experience!”

Heather Heuman, Social Media Speaker and Consultant, Sweet Tea Social, Columbia, SC

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“I began working with Chris because I felt lost on where to take my business next. After years of working for other people, I was paralyzed by the idea that I had to call the shots. Chris pushed me to dig deep and find the answers within myself about where to take my career next and how I could best serve my audience. Then, he helped me methodically put intentional steps and discipline into place so I could achieve my goals. Chris has not only helped me grow my business, but he has helped me grow it in a way that aligned with the reasons I got out of corporate in the first place – to achieve maximum flexibility and satisfaction. I can’t thank Chris enough.”

Mary Nice, Digital Marketing Strategy, MaryNiceConsulting.com former Disney Digital Marketing Director, Orlando, FL

Eagan Heath

Love the program Chris has created and his approach to business. I think the most appealing part of it is his core message: you don’t need to do more, you need to do less. If you’re feeling harried as a business owner, his program helps you focus on the few things that make the biggest difference and find ways to free your self from the work you don’t want to be doing.

Eagan Heath Agency Owner, Caravan Digital