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Focused In 30™

Get clear, focused and free up more time in 30 minutes a day over 30 days!
Perfect for: Digital Marketers | Speakers | Coaches | Solo-preneurs
Who are struggling with...
  • Being Chained To Your Laptop Or Phone Around The Clock
  • Missing Out On Valuable Family Time and Activities You Love
  • Feeling Tired, Out Of Control and Like Your Schedule Is Running You
  • Finding The Time To Work ON Your Business...Not Just IN It.
  • Feeling Frazzled Without A Clear Plan For Your Business or Life
To get clear, focused  and free up more time, we focus on 4 Things...
  • Developing A Clear Vision For Your Business and Life
  • Breaking Down Your Vision Into Clear, Actionable Steps
  • Aligning Your Schedule And Daily Actions To See Your Vision Come To Life
  • Creating More Time with Simple, Step-by-Step, Time Saving Strategies
Here's what the 30 Day program includes...
  • A 30 day sprint with "Focused In 30" video learning modules
  • Five (5) Weekly Coaching with Chris where you can get key insight, ask questions and fine-tune your business and life
  • Worksheet PDFs to forward the action
  • Exclusive Private Facebook where you can share ideas, successes, failures, and ask questions of Chris and members of the group

“Before working with Chris, I had been focusing all of my efforts on the day-to-day tasks and largely ignoring the work I knew I needed to do to achieve my big future goals. Chris helped me gain clarity around what I should really be focusing on during my daily work and helped me break down my "someday" goals into manageable steps I can accomplish each day. I am making so much more progress toward these big goals, and they feel much more achievable because of that. Chris's program also helped me get back into my favorite morning and evening routines and helped streamline my work habits. For example, now I check email just twice a day and I'm so much more focused and calm during the work day. The program had lessons and assignments each day, which helped me maintain momentum and enthusiasm. I'd recommend working with Chris to anyone who is looking for clarity around what they should be focusing on and strategies for how to focus and make meaningful progress toward big goals.”

Rachel Keranen, Copywriter & Author, Minneapolis, MN

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