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Thursday morning, August 27, 2019, from Tyler, Texas.

Today I’m coming to you from the scorching heat of Tyler, Texas. My family and I are midway through our five-month adventure called a family discipleship program with YWAM. We’re with 11 other families from all over the world who want to grow in our relationship with God, our marriages and parenting.

One thing that I’ve has been impactful so far is a parable I learned from a mentor back in 2004. Sometimes the new thing…is the old thing?

Your Thoughts become…Your Behaviors
Your Behaviors become…Your Habits
Your Habits become…Your Character
Your Character becomes…Your Life

Think about it? If you want a different or better life outcome, you start by changing your thoughts. 

Today I want to challenge your thoughts around a very important (and controversial) topic; Raising Your Prices.?

Since this topic is probably one of the top 3 most common questions I get from clients and members, I decided to create a four video series below.

Raising your prices can be one of the most challenging (and scariest) actions any business owner can take, especially if you’re a digital marketer. Let’s face it, telling your clients you are raising your prices probably ranks up there with going to the dentist on the list of your favorite things NOT to do.? 

So when thinking about raising your prices, I’m guessing several thoughts might pop into your head, “Will they leave me for my competitor?” Or if they stay with me, will they become frustrated or bitter?

So if raising your prices seems so risky or painful, why even consider it? In this video below, I’m going to share the 4 Benefits Of Raising Your Prices as a digital marketer.

4 Benefits Of Raising My Prices


In this video, I’m going to share A Short Quiz You Can Take To Find Out When You Should Raise Your Prices…

When Should I Raise My Prices


I see too many passionate, amazing digital marketing agency owners working way too hard for too little pay because their prices are too low relative to the value they provide.  This is not ok with me, and I want to do something about it! It’s time to start shifting your mindset. Below are the 3 most common lies we tell ourselves about raising our prices and how to overcome them…

The 3 Most Common Lies About Raising My Prices


Raising your prices can be a little scary, especially if you’ve never learned an effective strategy to raise them. So in this next video, I’m excited to share my 7 Methods to Raising Your Prices With Integrity…

How To Raise My Prices With Integrity


My Favorites – resources I recommend

A tool I’m using daily —

Grammarly – Confession, I’m terrible with spelling and grammar. I’ve used spell check in the past, but it misses so much and is very limited with grammar suggestions. That’s why Grammarly has been a game-changer for me. Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps me compose clear, mistake-free blog posts, emails, social media posts…basically anything I type on my laptop or phone.

It highlights mistakes and gives suggestions in real-time, even while you’re on other platforms. So it’s not only has improved my writing, but I am learning proper spelling and grammar along the way. They have a free version, which I used for a short time, but quickly upgraded to the paid version and it’s worth the small monthly subscription.

LINK to Grammarly

Workout Accessory I can’t live without — 

Flip Belt Exercise Belt – you finally stir up the motivation to hit the gym or go out for a run, but then you realize, where do I put my keys, phone, wallet, or headphones without resorting to a lame fanning pack? Flip Belt is the best way I’ve found to store these things on your body while working out in a non-bulky way. 

It’s super comfortable, doesn’t bounce, can be thrown right in the wash, and nobody can tell you have it on. It’s way better than the awkward armbands, especially if you lift weights. Also suitable for people who need to carry inhalers, EpiPens, and pills.

LINK to Flip Belt

To freedom,

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