More Time, Money & Travel...for your Family

90 Day Freedom Business Breakthrough

Create More Freedom In Your Business And Life in only 90 days!

Chris Rudolph, Freedom Business Coach

What Is It?

This program is for small business owners, just like you, who are sick of staying where you're at and want to transform your business and life.  Over the course of 90 days, business coach, Chris Rudolph, will teach you how to create more freedom in your business and life.  You will learn how to clarify your vision, simplify your business, amplify your message, and take massive action.

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Current spots remaining: 2

Keith Gilmore, Online Sales Maximizer

For years, I discounted the idea of hiring a business coach - because I was blind to major holes in my life.  After working with Chris for just 1 month, I have more clarity and gained confidence to achieve my goals at a much faster pace than I ever expected.  His simple but profound advice has given me the ability to focus on how to stop playing small, and to realize all the opportunities I'd been overlooking for so long.  Thanks so much, Chris!"

Keith Gilmore, Online Sales Maximizer,

The Program

Who This Is For....

  • You are committed to serving your customers with integrity and seeing their lives transformed
  • Your services or products REALLY WORK when applied
  • You are sick of high-drama customers who suck your time and energy
  • You are tired of staying where you're at and are ready to start playing BIG!
  • Make More Fewer Hours...with Less Stress
  • Have More Free Time and The Flexibility To Travel
  • Get More Customers without Being Overwhelmed With Social Media, Blogs, or Websites
  • Raise Your Profit Margins Without Feeling Guilty Or Sacrificing Your Integrity
  • Only Work With Customers That You Love (and filter out customers who suck your time and energy)
  • Upgrade Your Faith, Fitness, Family and Finances...without sacrificing one area at the expense of another
  • Start Playing BIG!

Who This Is NOT For....

What Happens During The 90 Days?

A Clearer Vision for your business and life that includes...

  • Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle and Work Day
  • Honing In On Your Business Sweet Spot
  • Setting Bold Financial Goals
  • Upgrading Your Faith Life, Family Life, and Personal Fitness

A Simple Business Model & Plan that includes...

  • Identifying Your Ideal Customer
  • Clarifying Your Brand Message
  • Crafting Your Ideal Business Model With The Service and Products You Will Offer
  • Optimizing Your Customer-getting Sales Funnel
  • Simplifying Your Sales and Marketing Efforts
  • Building A Strong Team and Mastering The Art Of Delegation
  • Developing Your One Page Action Plan

The Support You Need that includes...

  • Weekly Accountability where you can share ideas, successes, failures, and ask questions of Chris.
  • An Opportunity For Ongoing Coaching And Support

The Confidence that comes with...

  • A Clearer Vision
  • A Simple Business Model & Plan
  • The Support You Need
  • Living In Alignment With Who You Were Created To Be!

Here's What The Program Includes...

  • Thirteen Weekly One-On-One Coaching Sessions via phone/Skype
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Thirteen Week Freedom Business Breakthrough Coursework

How Much Does It Cost?

90 Day Program Investment: $5000

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Current spots remaining: 2

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Apply for the program by clicking the "Click Here To Apply " button below.  Fill out the short application where I will ask you some questions about your business.

Step 2: I will review your application and contact you to schedule a 15 minute phone interview.

Step 3: During the 15 minute phone interview, the goal is simply to help me get a clear picture of where you are, where you want to be and if working together is a good fit (or not - either decision is perfectly fine).  You will also have an opportunity to ask me any questions that you have.  I will not pressure you or hassle you.  If it is a good fit, I'll send you a registration link.  If not - no problem.  Because this is a very hands on program and there is limited space available, I want to make sure this is a good fit for both of us.

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Current spots remaining: 2

Karen Bluhm

"I am so grateful for the help and advice I received from Chris.  After making the transition from social work to personal training, he helped me to successfully open my first training facility, which is a dream come true!"

Karen Bluhm, Commit 2 B Fit (Delavan, WI)

What Clients Have Experienced...

Chandra Winzenried

"Chris always seems to ask great questions, which are useful in knowing how to prioritize what needs to be done first, to ensure you are on your way, leading you in the right direction, to help you get closer and closer to obtain your dreams! Thank you so much, Chris, for your strong faith support and encouragement in helping me take the needed steps to start the journey of my dream career and lifestyle."

Chandra Winzenried, Yoga Vacation Retreats (Dubai, United Arab Emerates)
Andrew and Gracie Foxwell

"Chris has already helped us come back to center and remember WHY we operate the business that we do, HOW we want to best serve our clients, and WHAT various life goals we want to achieve as well. His multi-faceted experiences as a business owner, life coach, and father all combine to make Chris the ideal advisor and confidante. We excitedly look forward to our weekly sessions and we know that we're growing as both business owners and as people through our ongoing work with Chris."

Andrew and Gracie Foxwell, Foxwell Digital

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will get any results if you just sign up for this program but never jump off the couch to actually take action. Your results are up to you.  So expect nothing but effective coaching, strategies and some hard work.  You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business.