For Coaches | Consultants | Small Business Owners

"Getting Started With Virtual Assistants" Seminar

You Can Have More Freedom In Your Business And Life With Virtual Assistants!

December 12, 2014 | Madison, Wisconsin

For Coaches, Consultants And Small Business Owners Who Want To....

  • Find and Hire An Affordable Virtual Assistant Before The New Year
  • Make More Fewer Hours...with Less Stress
  • Have More Free Time and The Flexibility To Travel
  • Focus More On Your Customers without Being Overwhelmed With Social Media, Blogs, or Websites
  • Work More ON Your Business and Less IN It
  • Build a Powerful Virtual Team For Less Than You Think
  • Set Up A Business That Works Around The Clock (even while you're asleep)
  • Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself and Start Focusing on What You Do Best!

Only $99 per person

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Chris Rudolph, Business Coach

I simply love helping coaches and consultants just like you make more, work less and experience freedom.   For more info, click here.

The Seminar

What Is It?

This seminar is designed for coaches, consultants and small business owners just like you, who are sick and tired of trying to do it all yourself and want to find a better way.  During the seminar, business coach, Chris Rudolph, will teach you the secrets of how to best utilize virtual assistants so you can grow your business and have more time to do the things you enjoy.  By the time you leave, you will have posted your virtual assistant job online and are ready to start interviewing.

When & Where

When: 8:30am-Noon on Friday, December 12, 2014

Where:  Homewood Suites-Madison West (next to Princeton Club West)

479 Commerce Drive | Madison, Wisconsin 53719

By The End, You Will Walk Away With...

  • How To Identify The Tasks You Should Be Doing and The Ones You Should Be Delegating
  • Knowing When You Are Ready To Hire and What To Delegate
  • How To Put Together A Solid Job Description
  • How and Where To Hire
  • What To Look For In A Virtual Assistant and How Much To Pay
  • How To Conduct A Interview
  • How To Training In and Manage Your VA
  • How To Build Your Own Virtual Team (if you want to)
  • Your Virtual Assistant Job Posted Online and Ready To Start Interviewing Applicants

What Clients Have Experienced...

Chandra Winzenried

"Chris always seems to ask great questions, which are useful in knowing how to prioritize what needs to be done first, to ensure you are on your way, leading you in the right direction, to help you get closer and closer to obtain your dreams! Thank you so much, Chris, for your strong faith support and encouragement in helping me take the needed steps to start the journey of my dream career and lifestyle."

Chandra Winzenried, Yoga Vacation Retreats (Dubai, United Arab Emerates)
Corey Digman

"Coaching with Chris was exactly what I needed. Chris helped me prioritize my day and hold me accountable to my daily and weekly goals so I would stay on track. I went from being an employee to a business owner with a strong plan in place in less than 7 months! I have always had these goals and dreams in mind, but Chris showed me way.  This has given me the confidence to dream even bigger."

Corey Digman, Digman Fitness (Madison, Wisconsin)
Keith Gilmore, Online Sales Maximizer

For years, I discounted the idea of hiring a business coach - because I was blind to major holes in my life.  After working with Chris for just 1 month, I have more clarity and gained confidence to achieve my goals at a much faster pace than I ever expected.  His simple but profound advice has given me the ability to focus on how to stop playing small, and to realize all the opportunities I'd been overlooking for so long.  Thanks so much, Chris!"

Keith Gilmore, Online Sales Maximizer,
Karen Bluhm

"I am so grateful for the help and advice I received from Chris.  After making the transition from social work to personal training, he helped me to successfully open my first training facility, which is a dream come true!"

Karen Bluhm, Commit 2 B Fit (Delavan, WI)

How Much Does The Seminar Cost?

Only $99 per person

reserve your spot

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will get any results if you just show up to this event but never jump off the couch to actually take action. Your results are up to you.  So expect nothing but effective coaching, strategies and some hard work.  You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business.